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3.2" Large screen and Delicate Panel strip

We don’t compromise. The LT-8000GT is equipped 3.2 inch color LCD display which is 33% larger to make the driving and glance the live lap times in a more comfortable level. LED and Beeper notice to considerately send you more live status on device.


What is LT-8000GT ?


LT-8000GT is the world’s first stand-alone GPS lap timer featuring with 25Hz, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, 3.2”color display and multiple-platform support. Real-time measure diversified drag conditions-speed, distance or 0-Speed-0, and also analyze laps from global tracks with different purpose of quick menu. Wirelessly syncing data after race to your QRacing account, so you can review/compare/rank results on multiple platforms such as Mobile App, Web service or PRO PC software. All-In-One.


IPX7 Water resistant

Upper standard for protection we insist. With IPX7 water rating, 100% safe to use on most of weather condition of driving or any motorsport types of track outdoors.


LT-8000GT Features

Drag Meter Mode with multiple settings.

Circuit Race Mode with global tracks preloaded.

25Hz GPS/GNSS High Precision Device supports external antenna.

Wi-Fi ® Connection directly download sessions to QRacing app.

Bluetooth LE connection for QRacing iOS / Android app.

Large 3.2” TFT Color display.

IPX7 water resistance.

Up to 14 hours battery life / USB Type C charging.

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Generate Video with GPS Data Overlay

By Phone Camera video and Bluetooth connected, LT-8000GT can generate Video with GPS data overlay using QRacing App; and do track analysis or overlayed video share.


The technology

*Data comparison is based on LT-8000GT vs LT-6000S


How it works

Learn about the essential functionality of LT-8000GT.

Step 1.
Timing and recording your race on the LT-8000GT. Stand-alone.

Simply mount the Qstarz LT-8000GT on your vehicle, select the quick menu of drag or circuit you need, and start racing. Adjustable settings meet the flexibility. 25Hz logging produce the amazing precision and accuracy. Preloaded Global tracks make timing laps easily. Real-time view, record, and compare lap times via the large color screen. You can use QRacing mobile app at the same time to record video via Bluetooth connection for data overlaying then.

Step 2.
Download the recorded data to your smartphone. Wirelessly and fast.

Download QRacing app on your phone and register a QRacing account. After the drive or ride, sync the recorded data with QRacing mobile app. The combination of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi makes data transfer and updates fast and freely. And you are capable of reviewing or sharing your video with recorded data overlaying after session.

Step 3.
Analyze your sessions via QRacing multiple platforms. All-In-One.

Beside analyze data directly on the device; LT-8000GT is combined with QRacing app, Web community, and PRO PC software. QRacing provides in-depth analytics which will help you improve or reduce lap times instantly. And allows you backup, compare/replay laps, share your records, or post your thought, etc.

Step 4.
See how you rank on the track leaderboard. Challenging yourself.

QRacing provides a platform for social racing. Every circuit track, no matter if created by Qstarz official, you or others, has a rank generated by the best lap times of every track user. Besides, you can create Race Event, and invite your friends to join together; race replay function let you reproduce spot streaming.

Step 5.
Advanced analyzing your records on QRacing PC software for PRO users. Leveling up.

Powerful QRacing PC software, you can do advanced split/sector analysis, room in/out the lap/graph, acceleration/braking points, lines choice, replay up to 3 laps and diversified comparisons simultaneously. Improve your race performance and driving skill, and goal for podium.


Technical Specifications



Timing mode

Drag Race / Circuit Race / Logger


GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / Beidou


3.2”Color LCD ( 320 x 240 px )

Recording rate

25Hz frequency ( 25 times per second with an accuracy of 0.04 seconds )

Wireless capability

Bluetooth LE 5.0 + Wi-Fi 2.4G

Function Buttons

8 function buttons, 3 LED, Beeper


8 GB

Battery type and life

Rechargeable, lithium-ion, Up to 14 hours

Unit Dimension and weight


Integrated accelerometer and gyroscope

GPS Antenna

Built in and external MCX plug

Charging port

USB Type C

Input power

5V, 750mA

Water rating

IPX7 water resistant

Mounting compatibility

2 Integrated 1/4"screw hole for vehicle mount with various holders

Operating / Charging temperature

- 10 to 60 ℃ / 0 to 45 ℃


QRacing App ( iOS & Android ) / QRacing PC software ( for Windows ) / QRacing Web



- LT-8000GT Main Unit

- USB Type C charging cable

- Warranty Card

- Quick Start Guide

- Exclusive Qstarz sticker

- Silicone Protection Case (Optional)

- Car Holder Pack (Optional)
● Suction cup type Car holder
● Quick release adaptor

- Motorbike Holder Pack (Optional)
● 3M Adhesive type Motorbike holder
● Quick release adaptor

- Optional External GPS Antenna (with MCX Jack)

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I set the clock time (Time Zone)?

Please go to Setting and select your time zone, you may refer on the link below to find your local time zone: Time Zone Table -ss.pdf

Q2. What’s Daylight Saving? Should I turn it On or OFF?

Daylight Saving Time (or summer time as it is called in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during the summer, if your country doesn’t use Daylight saving time, you won’t need to turn it on.

Q3. What’s the difference between 25Hz and 10Hz?

25Hz means log 25 times per second, thus the log data will be more precise than 10Hz.

Q4. My LT-8000GT could not get the GPS signal, what’s the problem?

1.Although the LT-8000GT will normally pick up a satellite signal within 1-2 minutes after powering on the device, it may take longer time if you are in an area with more geographic obstructions. Please make sure you have placed it in a position that has clear view to the sky and not obstructed by metal objects.

2.Please try to use Cold Start your LT-8000GT in GPS mode and search again for the GPS satellite.

Q5. How can I check the firmware version on my device?

On the LT-8000GT main menu, go to Setting >> About >> AP Version

Q6. How to upgrade the firmware?

Please follow the steps below to upgrade firmware:
Step1. Turn OFF the device and connected to the USB port of the computer. LT-8000GT will enter MASS STORAGE automatically.
Step2. Extract the downloaded firmware file LT-8000GT.qst and save to it under the root directory of the LT-8000GT memory card.
Step3. Remove the device safety and unplug the USB cable.
Step4. Power on LT-8000GT, and it will start updating the firmware.
Step5. Check the unit's current version at Setting Mode >> About >> AP Version

Q7. How to change GNSS update frequency?

On the main menu, go to GNSS >> GNSS Update Frequency >> to switch between 10Hz or 25Hz.

Q8. How can I extend LT-8000GT’s battery life?

You can set the Brightness to “Low” and Power Saving to “On” in Setting to increase the battery life.

Q9. Once I skip the tip how to enable it again?

Go to LT-8000GT >> Setting >> Tips, set Tips from OFF to ON.

Q10. How to query the used memory capacity?

You can go to the "Settings" to check the "Memory Status".

Q11. How long is the battery life ?

Battery life will vary depending on usage condition, but the battery will last up to 14 hours. Adjusting the backlight brightness under a weak GPS signal condition could shorten battery life.

Q12. How can I install LT-8000GT’s optional accessory GPS External Antenna?

Please see below PDF file of installation guide.

Q13. It is possible to change Session Name?

Session Name was created automatically by device, so it could not be renamed.

Q14. Why is the Drag's range condition showing red?

Your secondary condition range figure is set out of the primary condition. Please set the secondary condition within the primary condition.When the setting conditions are displayed in red, the drag test cannot be performed. Please confirm the measurement condition setting properly before the test.

Q15. Why device cannot detect my track automatically in Circuit mode?

If the device does not automatically detect the track, please confirm whether the device satellites have position fixed? If the GPS is fixed, there may be no tracks in our database around. If this happens, please confirm the Trackmap version in the device, and update it if there is newer version. If you still cannot find track in the latest version, contact Qstarz and provide relevant information then we will evaluate whether to add this track to our database.

Q16. How can I check the auto detecting Trackmap version in my device?

On the LT-8000GT main menu, go to Setting >> About >>Trackmap

Q17. When I cross the Start/Finish and Splits line, the device doesn’t show the lap/splits time?

1. When you are at the track spot to mark the Start/Finish line, please make sure to drive or ride slowly (at least 30 kmh) then press button.
2. Make sure Beacon width cannot be too narrow comparing with the track width.

Q18. What’s the difference between Load User Track and Load Shared Track in Circuit Race mode?

Load User Track: Load the track you have created in LT-8000GT.
Load Shared Track: Load the track you have uploaded through QRacing PC software.

Q19. How can I delete my log data?

Please select the "Delete" function from "History" >> "Record List" >> "Menu" of LT-8000GT to delete the data.

Q20. Will I lose my data when I press Factory Reset in the Setting?

No, Factory Reset will only reset all the setting to factory default; it won't delete any log data.

Q21. How to check Wi-Fi SSID and password?

On the main menu, go to WIRELESS >> Wi-Fi Information >> You can see the SSID and password information.

Q22. My LT-8000GT hangs up. How can I get it back to normal status?

You can find the Reset button beside USB connector, it is a small hole which can be pressed by pen tip or pin to reset your device. (Hard reset will shut down the device without erasing the memory data.)



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• Shipped from Taiwan • Free worldwide delivery via DHL Express • Customs and import duties included

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An Important Notification of LT-8000GT!

Qstarz has released new firmware to improve the product stability on Wi-Fi and operating. Update it now to ensure the best precision.

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