Qstarz responds to government policy [Taiwan can help] In the process of Covid-19 spreading all over the world, most racing events have been postponed or cancelled. As a member of the racing industry worldwide, Qstarz is constantly thinking about how to continue racing activities during the period of virus control. Therefore, Qstarz has developed activities that are not limited to team participation, but can be participated by individuals. Qstarz welcomes everyone to join this event, hope to see you in the racing tracks soon.


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Kart: TYKA in Taoyuan

Motorbike: Taroko Karting Land


●Qstarz 1000EX / 1000GT / 818GT / 6000 serial products
●Qstarz 1000GT / 818GT combine with Mobile and down load Qstarz App
●Qstarz 1000EX / 6000serial: upload the QRacing Uploader to QRacing Web



Car & Motorbike: Lihpao International circuit


●Qstarz 1000EX / 1000GT / 818GT / 6000 serial products
●Qstarz 1000GT / 818GT combine with Mobile and down load Qstarz App
●Qstarz 1000EX / 6000serial: upload the QRacing Uploader to QRacing Web

Registration In Easy 3 Steps

Step 1: Enter the App home page and choose the “Race Event”

Step 2: Choose the event you would like to participate it.”

Step 3:Re-confirm the event information and click “Register”.

Please check the E-mail from your mail Box that Qstarz will send the “Completed the Registration” Mail.


  1. Racing Prize: The champion wins NT$5,000 gift certificated. The top three will win award trophies.
  2. Completion award: NT$100 gift certificated.
  3. Prize winner: 18 awards, who will be randomly drawn by computer after event end from all contestants.

FIA Certified Racing Gloves
Sponsored by Taiwan Racing Products Co., Ltd

Nankang Rubber Tire: Nankang Travel Kits
Sponsored by Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation, Ltd.

Sponsored by PAPAGO Inc.

Race Rules

  1. All contestants have to complete the registration and receive the confirmed mail from Qstarz.
  2. Contestants can upload multiple records to QRacing Web; system will choose the best lap automatically.
  3. The first upload contestant will be the winner if the same best lap time occurs in this event.
  4. All contestants MUST finish uploading data as racing expired date required.
  5. All contestants should accept and follow the organizer to check and review the records without objection.
  6. Contestants must make sure that the uploaded records and racing routes comply with all rules of this event or track.
  7. Qstarz doesn’t involve or help the upload process




  1. Any changes in the content of the event will be published on the official website of Qstarz without separate notice; the company has the right to final interpretation and modification of the measures of this activity.
  2. All awards are subject to the actual product, and no cash exchange is allowed. Qstarz reserves the right to change to equivalent awards.
  3. This event is scheduled to be drawn within one week after the end of the event period (randomly drawn by computer) and the list of winners will be announced. The list of winners will be published on the official website of Qstarz. The winners will be subject to the announced list. Each participant can only win one prize in this event. If the prize is repeated, the higher value will be the winner.
  4. According to the tax law of the Republic of China and the standard of various types of income withholding rate, the prize value of NT$1,000 (inclusive) or above shall be counted as personal income. After the prize is received, the income tax before the collection, you will receive the withholding voucher issued by Qstarz. If the withholding tax of the prize value reaches NT$2,000 (inclusive) or more, (for example: if the winning prize amount reaches NT$20,000, the withholding tax shall be 10 % NT$2,000), after confirming that the tax has been collected, the award can only be sent. [Note] According to the provisions of the tax laws of the Republic of China, if the recipient of the gift or bonus is "individual resident in a non-Republic of China" or "legal entity in the Republic of China", the value of the gift shall be included in the personal income regardless of the amount Withholding taxes (the former is 20%, the latter is 10%), and must be paid within 10 days from the payment date (including the day) and declared to the IRS.
  5. Anyone fails to notify or fails to complete the relevant work within the notice period of the award due to incorrect information provided will lose the right to claim the award.
  6. Participants are deemed to have read and agreed to accept the activity method and relevant precautions when they participate in this activity.